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Location: It stands at the confluence of the Chita and Ingoda rivers and on the Trans-Siberian Railway.
Local Time: Moscow time + 6 hrs
Brief History:

1653 - The settlement of Chita appeared.
1851 - Chita was incorporated as a town.
After 1825 - several of the Decembrists suffered exile to Chita, and thus, Chita is on occasion called the “City of Exiles”. Many of the Decembrists were intellectuals and members of the middle class, and consequently their arrival had a positive effect. The well-educated exiles made an effort to educate the citizens of Chita and pursue trade. Through these efforts, the city became a major trading portal in Siberia, particularly since the natural resources of the area included timber, gold and uranium. Perhaps due in part to the influence of the early revolutionary exiles, Chita was a center for worker unrest in the early years of the 20th century.
From the 1930s through the end of communism, Chita was a closed city. Basis for the closing of the city was apparently its proximity to China and military installations.

Attractions & Highlights:

Chita is laid out in a grid pattern, which is rare in Russia. Architecturally, Chita is a clash of styles. Foremost, Chita is populated with five-storey communist concrete buildings. In contrast to these Soviet signatures, Chita is also populated with individual homes made primarily out of wood, the equivalent of those you would see in any mountainous area.

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Getting There: Chita is served by the Trans-Siberian Railway.
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