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Location: Capital of the Tyumen region. Distance from Moscow: (by train) 2,138 km.
Local Time: Moscow time + 2 hrs
Brief History: 29 July 1586 - Tyumen town was started as outpost
1593 - Wooden-built town was found and became the first Russian city in Siberia.
1715 - The St. Trinity Cathedral was built.
End of the 19th century - Tyumen became a famous Siberian shipbuilding centre.
Attractions & Highlights: Monastery of the Holy Trinity
Places associated with the Romanov Royal Family in Tobolsk and Tyumen
Places associated with Rasputin’s stay in Tyumen
Tyumen Mausoleum
The Tyumen Regional Museum of Local Lore, the Museum of Geology, Oil and Gas, the Fine-art's museum, etc.
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By air: The main international gate to Tyumen is the international airport “Roshino”. Daily flights from Moscow; Flight time is approximately 2.5 hours.

By train: Regular fast train (№60) travels between Moscow and Tyumen. One can also reach Tyumen by other transsiberian rail lines (№2 Moscow-Vladivostok, №56 Moscow-Krasnoyarsk, №340 Moscow-Chita, and others. (Approximate travel time is 1,5 days).

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