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Vladimir is a town with a thousand-year history, the foundation of which is connected with the name of Kiev Prince Vladimir Svyatoslavitch. In the middle of the 12th century Vladimir became the main city of north-eastern , and during the Tatar invasion it became capital for the whole country. Prince Andrei and then his junior brother Vsevolod “The Big Nest” turned the fortress into the town of gold domes and white stone. The white-stone monuments of Vladimir have been preserved till today: the Golden Gates, the Assumption and the St. Demetrius Cathedrals.

Provincial Vladimir of bygone centuries touched the souls of contemporaries by the ringing of its bells, the smell of flowering cherry trees and the quiet, narrow streets, but at the same time it always kept the grandeur of old and the beauty of its historic landscape.

Although modern Vladimir is a large industrial centre the town attracts tourists from the whole world coming to admire the white-stone lace of ancient temples.

Location: Is located in 182 km from Moscow.
Local Time:

Moscow time.

Brief History:

990 is the year the foundation of the town by the prince Vladimir de Kiev “Krasnoe Solnishko” (in English – “Red Sun”), the town carries his name.
1108  –  the town was fortified by Vladimir Monomaj.
1157-1439  –  the town became the capital of the Ancient Russia.
1238  –  Vladimir was plundered and fired by tartars.

Attractions & Highlights:

The Golden Gates (12th century) are a unique example of medieval military engineering art, the rarest monument of Old Russian of fortification. The gates were built of white stone in 1158-1164 by Vladimir Prince Andrei Bogolyubsky. They were used as the main military tower and a triumphal arch at the same time. The Golden Gates have been put on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In the church above the Gates the Military History Exhibition and the Gallery of Heroes of Vladimir land are situated.
The St. Demetrius Cathedral (12th century) - the royal church of the Great Vladimir Prince Vsevolod “The Big Nest” is famous for the richest carved decoration on its walls. Bas-reliefs on the cathedral walls, which told their contemporaries so much, are still a mystery after almost three centuries they have still not been fully interpreted. In the interior of the church there are fragments of fresco paintings made by Greek masters of the 12th century. The St. Demetrius Cathedral is also on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
The Assumption Cathedral - the main functioning church and the unique monument of Vladimir and Suzdal white-stone architecture of pre-Mongolian times. It was commissioned and built by Vladimir Prince Andrei Bogolyubsky in 1158-1160. From 1299 the Assumption Cathedral was the main Russian Orthodox Church, where many Russian Princes were crowned. From the 12th century till the end of the 14th the sacred icon of — Our Lady of Vladimir, was kept in the Cathedral. In the interior of the Cathedral there are fragments of frescoes of the 12th century and murals from the beginning of the 15th century made by genius artist of ancient Russia Andrei Rublyov. The Assumption Cathedral is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
The Vladimir-Suzdal Museum-Reserve - one of the oldest in , is included in the state code of the most valuable objects of cultural heritage of the peoples of the . 55 architectural monuments, 10 of which are on the UNESCO World Heritage List, 37 museum expositions and 4 exhibition halls attract a great number of tourists from different countries.

Tour Packages: Vladimir – Suzdal (1 Day)
Vladimir – Suzdal (2 Days/1 Night)
Sergiev Posad – Vladimir (1 Day)
Vladimir – Suzdal – Kostroma – Yaroslavl – Rostov Veliki (3 Days/2 Nights)
Sergiev Posad – Vladimir – Suzdal (2 Days/1 Night)
Sergiev Posad – Suzdal – Vladimir (2 Days/1 Night)
Sergiev Posad – Vladimir – Bogolubovo – Suzdal (3 Days/2 Nights)
Sergiev Posad – Suzdal – Bogolubovo – Vladimir (3 Days/2 Nights)
Vladimir – Suzdal – Kostroma – Yaroslavl – Rostov Veliki  (4 Days/3 Nights)
Vladimir – Suzdal – Kostroma – Yaroslavl – Rostov Veliki – Pereyaslavl Zalessky – Sergiev Posad (5 Days/4 Nights)
Special Events:
Getting There:

You can get there by auto or a bus from Moscow by the road M-7.

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