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Is located in 32 km from Vladimir; in 214 km from Moscow.

Local Time:

Moscow time.

Brief History:

1024 the year of the first mention of the town in chronics as the capital of principality of Suzdal till the middle of the XIV century.
1125 - the fortification of the town by russian prince Yuri Dolgoruki.
1238 - Suzdal was occupied and fired by tartars.
From XVII - the town was occupied by Crimean tartars; lues.
At the end of XX century - Suzdal became an important tourist center of Russia.

Attractions & Highlights:

More than 200 monuments of architecture, for example:
The wall made of ground of the architect ensemble of the Kremlin with the cathedral of Geniture of Virgin Santa (1222-1225). It is the first cathedral made of stone in Suzdal. The Cathedral attracts with its blue cupola, adorned with stars and golden lattices of gates. The convent of Intercession, which was the place of refuge of noble women. The monastery of St. Savior and St. Eufemio, the biggest in Suzdal, attract with the exposition of russian decorative art of XII-XX centuries; on the territory of the monastery there is the prison, transformed into a museum, with the special department of rare books, including manuscripts of XV-XVIII century and printed books of XVI century and later. In the Wood Architect and rural life museum you can see churches, mills and houses, monuments of the past, brought from different places of the region.

Tour Packages: Vladimir – Suzdal (1 Day)
Vladimir – Suzdal (2 Days/1 Night)
Vladimir – Suzdal – Kostroma – Yaroslavl – Rostov Veliki (3 Days/2 Nights)
Sergiev Posad – Vladimir – Suzdal (2 Days/1 Night)
Sergiev Posad – Suzdal – Vladimir (2 Days/1 Night)
Sergiev Posad – Vladimir – Bogolubovo – Suzdal (3 Days/2 Nights)
Sergiev Posad – Suzdal – Bogolubovo – Vladimir (3 Days/2 Nights)
Vladimir – Suzdal – Kostroma – Yaroslavl – Rostov Veliki (4 Days/3 Nights)
Vladimir – Suzdal – Kostroma – Yaroslavl – Rostov Veliki – Pereyaslavl Zalessky – Sergiev Posad (5 Days/4 Nights)
Special Events:
Getting There:

You can get there by bus.

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