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In the coast of the Finland gulf, in the side opposite Helsinki, in 300 km to the East from St. Petersburg.

Local Time:

Hour of Greenwich +2.

Brief History:

X – The city was founded in the commercial fortified point and carried the name Revel or Reval.
1219 – was occupied by Dane.
Since XIV c. till XVII c. was occupied by Germans and Sweden.
Since 1721 till 1918 formed the part of Russian empire
During the 2nd World War was fiercely damaged by Nazist bombardiers.
1997 – the ancient center of the town was declared the “Patrimony of the Humanity” by the UNESCO.

Attractions & Highlights:

The historical medieval center is the best conserved in Europe: the Wall (XIV-XV cc.), the Top town with the tower of Long German; Toompea Castle (XIII c., actually the place of the Parliament) the orthodox church of Aleksandr Nevskii, the Place of the Town council, the Down town with the church of St. Olaf; the Pharmacy of Municipal council (one of the most ancient in Europe).
In the suburbs: the Kadriorg park with its pounds of “Cisne” and the palace of Ekaterina (of the baroque style, ancient summer residence of tsars, actual place of the museum of Beautiful arts); Field of Singers (Maariamiagi). Pyrites with the ruins of the ensemble of St. Brigit (XV c.); Maariamagi palace; the commemorative Monument to the victims of shipwreck.

Tour Packages: Vilnius - Riga - Tallinn - Moscow - Saint Petersburg (15 days/14 nights)
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