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Location: In the confluence of rivers Neris and Vilna, surrounded of the green landscape; in 150 km from Riga and in 720 km from St. Petersburg; in 250 km of Kaliningrad.
Local Time:

Hour of Greenwich +2.

Brief History:

1323 – the first mention of the city in chronics as the capital of great dukedom of Lithuania.
1795 – was annexed by the Russian Empire
1920-1939 – Formed part of Poland.
1940 – became the capital of Lithuania.
1994 – The ancient center of the city was proclaimed the “Patrimony of the Humanity” by UNESCO.

Attractions & Highlights:

The ancient center of the city: the cathedral of Vilnius; the tower of Guedimino made of red brick and the Castle; the church of St. Peter and St. Paul (XVII c.), the church of St. Anna with the adjacent monastery of Bernardins; the University (1579).
In the new part of the city: the Museum of Genocide of the Lithuanians; the edifices of Parliament; the Vingio Park, the museum of the Lithuanian State.

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