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It is situated in 132 km south-west from Veliky Novgorod at the Valday Lake in the splendid picturesque location. To preserve the unique nature of the Valday Hills the Valday National Natural Park was created in 1990. It offers a wide range of tourist routes that give an opportunity to enjoy authentic natural scenery, architectural and historical sights. Valday is the birthplace of the Russian rivers that flow from here to the Baltic Sea and south to the Caspian Sea.

300 lakes and rivers, the wonderful fishing and pine forest hills, the granite boulders - the traces of the Ice age - to discover in Valday!


The Iversky monastery is located on the beautiful Selevetsky island of the Valday Lake. It was founded by patriarch Nickon in the very beginning of his patriarchy in 1653 to honour the Iverskaya Icon of Our Lady. The Iversky monastery takes a special place in the history of the Russian Orthodox Church. It is the unique architectural monument, the centre of the tile production, wood and stone carving craft. During the Soviet times the monastery was closed. In the recent years the monastery's complex was restored. Today it is a functioning monastery.


It is located in the former church of Great Martyr St Catherine , 1793. The museum presents various bells from all over the world: the old Chinese small bell of the 15th century BC, the 16th century Russian bell, the Buddhist wind-bell and many others. The museum stands out from the row of other museums, as along-side with looking at the exhibits, a visitor here may also hear their sound and ring a bell himself. The museum has three belfries, the museum's collaborators ring the bells, explain the ringing techniques. Open from 10 am to 6 pm except Tuesdays and the last Monday in every month.


The museum tells about the Russian provincial life through life stories, objects and events of a certain provincial town - Valday. Chronologically, the museum exhibition is generally limited with in the second half of the 18th - the early 20th century. The Museum of Provincial Town is a nice opportunity to visit a provincial town and to feel the spirit of Russian province. Open from 10 am to 6 pm except Mondays and the last Tuesday in every month.

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