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Geographical Position:

It is the European state in the occident coast of the Baltic sea, in the south of the Finland gulf. This country borders with Finland, Sweden, Latvia and Russia. Occupies the surface about 45.266 km ².

Climate & Weather:

The climate is moderate, which is characterized by warm summers and quite cold winter.


The forests (pines) are dominated in the landscape.

Time Zone:

Hour of Greenwich +2.


62% of the population is of Estonian origin, 30% - of Russian. Totally 1.6 millions of residents.

Major Language:




Largest Cities:

Tallinn, Tartu, Piarnu.

Money Matters:


History & Culture:

IX – Estonians, of the Ugro-finnic origin, united against Viking invaders.
XI – XII cc. – battles against Vikings invaders.
1217 – Estonians are aborted in battles with Germans and Danes.
1346-1561 – the region formed part of the Livonian Confederation.
1629 – passed under Swedish domination.
1721 – Was integrated in the russian Empire.
1920 – the Soviet Union gave the independence to Estonia.
1940 – due to the German-Soviet pact Estonia was annexed to the USSR.
1941-1944 – was occupied by Germans.
1944 – returned to be the Soviet republic.
1991 – the restoration of the independence was voted by the International Community and Estonia came into the UN.
1995 – Estonia achieved its entry in EU.

Tour Packages:
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Getting There:

It is easy to come in Tallinn from the Helsinki or Stockholm by the airplane or by boat. Also there are international lines of buses which connect Tallinn with Riga, Vilnius, St.Petersburg. Also Tallinn has the direct railway with Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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