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Geographical Position:

It is the European country located between Estonia and Lithuania, on the coast of Baltic sea. Occupies the surface about 64.589 km².

Climate & Weather:

The weather is variable and unpredictable. In winter the temperature measures up in the middle from -5ºC to +5ºC; in summer – from +17ºC to +25ºC.


Hills, covered with trees, field and rich forests.

Time Zone:

Hour of Greenwich +2.


The major part are Latvians (52%) and the third part are Russians. Totally 2.7 millions of residents.

Major Language:




Largest Cities:

Riga, Daugavpils.

Money Matters:


History & Culture:

In the beginning of the Christian epoch in this region were established populations of Urge-Finn group and of Baltic group.
XII-XIII cc. – the caballeros Crusaders and Teutonic conquered the country.
1237-1561 – both united, they form the Livonian order to govern in the country and Christianize it.
1561 – Livonia was annexed by Poland and Kurland and was established as the dukedom under the Pole domination.
1721-1795 – The country was enslaved by the Russian Empire.
1918 – Latvia proclaimed its independence.
1920 – Soviets admitted the independence of Latvia due to the tractate of Riga.
1940 – in pursuance of the German-Soviet pact Latvia was annexed to the USSR. 1941-
1944 – German occupied the country.
1944 – Latvia returned to be the soviet republic.
1991 – Latvia restored its independance, and the country entered in the UN.
1995 – Latvia entered in the EU.

Tour Packages:
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Getting There:

It is easy to come by the airplane or by boat (from Helsinki and Stockholm). Also there are international regular bus lines, which connect Riga with Tallinn, Vilnius, St. Petersburg. Also there is direct railway with Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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