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Geographical Position:

The European State is situated on the coast of the Black Sea and Azov sea. The surface is about 604 thousand km². Ukraine borders on 7 countries: Russia in the East, Byelorussia in the North, Poland in the West, in the SW there are borders on Slovakia, Hungary, Rumania, Moldavia.

Climate & Weather:

The climate is moderate. The winter is soft, sharp colds are infrequent. The summer is warm and fine, with occasional downpours and windstorms.

Landscapes: Mixed forests of pine, oak, smooth-leaved elm.
Time Zone:

Hour of Greenwich +2.


The population is formed by 75 % of Ukrainians and the minority of Russians. Totally about 51.7 millions of residents.

Major Language:




Largest Cities:

Kiev, Odessa, Yalta.

Money Matters:


History & Culture: IX-XII – the development of the Kiev state.
1238-1240 – the war against Mongols which razed fully Kiev.
XIII-XIV cc. – Lithuania and Poland annexed all regions where Ukrainian civilization was developed.
XV-XVI cc. The community of Cossacks was established on coasts of Don and Dnepr.
1654 – the ataman Khmelnitsky got the protection of Moscow.
1667 – Ukraine was shared between Poland and Russia.
1709 – Peter the Great smashed the forces of ataman Mazepa in Poltava, which tried to make the Ukraine united and independent.
1793-1795 – due to the division of Poland, Ukraine became under the domination of Russia and Austria.
1917-1918 – Bolsheviks created the Soviet republic in Kharkov, and nationalists created the independent republic in Kiev.
1919-1920 – Russian white troops and later Poles intervened to the Ukraine.
1922 – the Soviet republic of Ukraine connected to the Soviet Union.
1941-1944 – Nazis set up the violent regime of occupation.
1954 – the annexation of the Crime.
1991 – the Supreme Soviet proclaimed the independence of the country.
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