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15/05/2007 | Total Solar Eclipse 2008

The total eclipse begins at 09:21:07 UT in Canada, crosses Greenland and the Arctic Ocean into Russia and Mongolia, and ends in China at 11:21:28 UT. The maximum eclipse is at 10:21:08 UT, when the total phase will last just under 2½ minutes.
A total eclipse occurs when the Sun is completely obscured by the Moon. The intensely bright disk of the Sun is replaced by the dark outline of the Moon, and the much fainter corona is visible. During any one eclipse, a total eclipse is visible only from a fairly narrow track on the surface of the Earth.
The path of totality of the 2008 eclipse passes a couple of particularly interesting destinations and cities: Novosibirsk, in Siberia, Barnaul in Southern Siberia in Altai region, and the Altai Mountains region.

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