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The city of Vyborg is situated in 140 km from St. Petersburg on Karelian Isthmus . The city counts 80 thousand inhabitants. Vyborg is an ancient and cosy city. In 2003 the city celebrated the 710 anniversary. It is rather different from other Russian cities. Vyborg combines the influence of various cultures: Russian, Swedish, German and Finnish. The city had appeared in 1293 as a result of a crusade of the Swedish knights, the name of the city is translated from Swedish as "a sacred fortress". Only after the Northern war Vyborg had passed to . Modern Vyborg is an industrial, cultural, tourist and sea centre of Leningrad region. The most important place of interest is the fortress constructed by Swedes in 1293. It is a unique real medieval fortress with the highest tower in . Now it is a historical museum of Vyborg . You can enjoy the breathtaking view on Vyborg and the Finnish gulf from the platform. The museum is often an initiator of different exhibitions, festivals, knightly tournaments.

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