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It is one of the residences of the royal family situated in 19 kilometers from St. Petersburg . Strelna’s age is more than 300 years. Peter the Great decided to construct here a residence, on the lands with the best view on gulf of Finland. Peter wished to build a summer palace where he could have a rest with his family. Versailles had inspired him and he ordered to his retinue Italian and French architects (Leblond, Rastrelli and Michetti) to included in the project vast gardens, beautiful parks, fountains and channels. Later the emperor Paul I asked Luigi Ruska to restore the palace for his son, the Great duke Konstantin Pavlovich. After the Second World war the magnificent residence had been destroyed by Nazis. But Konstantinovsky palace was revived in 2001 when the president Putin paid his attention to this unique place. The reconstruction works began in November, 2001. For a very short period of time, 1,5 years, the palace was revived with the whole former magnificence: marble fireplaces, lists on the ceilings, candelabrums from the gilt bronze, sculptures, the furniture from various types of expensive wood. The interior, the spacious terrace, grottoes, the wine vaults, where the favorite wines of the Russian emperors were stored, will please you. Today it is the Russian president’s residence and the center of the Congresses where official receptions, congresses and conferences are held.


Bolshoi pr. 100, of. 616 Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Tel./Fax: +7 (812) 740 47 22
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