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The Moscow Kremlin State Historical and Cultural Museum-Preserve combines not only art and historical museums located in Arkhangelsky and Blagoveschensky Cathedrals (the Cathedral of the Archangel Michael and the Annunciation Cathedral), but also Russia's main cathedral, the Uspensky (Assumption) Cathedral, the Church of the Deposition of the Robe, the Museum of Crafts and Arts Home Life of the 17th century, the Armoury Chamber and the Diamond Fund. The Moscow Kremlin will charm you with the beauty of its architectural ensemble. The Kremlin cathedrals and churches will impress with the richness of their interiors. Sobornaya (Cathedral) Square, a breathtaking architectural en­semble of the 15th-17th centu­ries, where the life of Russian grand princes and tsars started and ended, the Blagoveschensky (Annunciation) Cathedral where they were baptized, the Uspensky (Assumption) Cathedral where they were crowned and the Archangel Michael Cathedral where they were buried. The Armoury Chamber, a treasure-house, is a part of the Grand Kremlin Palace ’s complex. It is situated in the building constructed in 1851 by architect Konstantin Ton. The museum collections were based on the precious items that had been preserved for centuries in the tsars’ treasury and the Patriarch’s vestry. Some of the exhibits were made in the Kremlin’s workshops; others were accepted as ambassadorial gifts. The museum was named after one of the oldest Kremlin’s treasury stores. The Armoury Chamber preserves ancient state regalia, ceremonial tsar’s vestments and coronation dress, vestments of the Russian Orthodox Church hierarchs, the largest collection of gold and silverware by Russian craftsmen, West European artistic silver, ceremonial weapons and arms, carriages, horse ceremonial harness. It presents more than four thousands items of applied art of Russia, European and Eastern countries of IV-early XX centuries. The highest artistic level and particular historical and cultural value of the exhibits have made the State Armoury of the Moscow Kremlin a world-wide known museum. Diamond Fund exhibition displays unique state treasures, including a large imperial crown of gold and silver, 4936 diamonds and pearls made for the coronation of Catherine the Great; the huge, world-famous Orlov (189.62 carat) and Shah (88.7 carat) diamonds; and the Big Bouquet, a magnificent piece of jewellery set with diamonds and emeralds from the 18th century. The exhibition also features a collection of Yakut diamonds and masterpieces by modern jewellers.


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