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The Tretyakov Art Gallery is a wonderful museum of Russian fine art. Works exhibited in the Gallery embrace a long period of painting spanning from Russian and Byzantine icons of the 12th century to examples of Russian avant-garde of the 1920s. The collections comprise over 5.000 pictures more than 3.000 sculptures, and over 30.000 drawings and engravings. The gallery shows the history of Russian painting. Its only rival is the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg. Having gathered over 3.500 works, Tretyakov presented them to Moscow on behalf of himself and his late brother Sergei. He worked as the gallery curator up until his death. The gallery building was built in 1874 and designed by A. Kaminsky, but there was a constant need for more space to keep new pictures. Therefore, artist V. Vasnetsov created a design and enlarged the building in 1906. Look at the facade: it presents the free spirit of Old Russian architecture, both artistic and emotional.


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