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The convent is a historical monuments with the rare collection of the masterpieces of art. The convent was founded in 1524 by Basil III, father of Ivan the Terrible. The convent is a witness of many important events of the ancient history of . The women of tsar family and of families of exalted boyars used to take refuge here. Tsarina Sofia, the sister of Peter I was immured in these walls. In 1812 troops of French soldiers took a drubbing in there intending to demolish the convent. Among the churches of The Convent the most important are the church of The Virgin of Smolensk and the church of Transfiguration . You can also visit the cemetery, where many important persons are buried: academics, writers, politics and militaries chiefs, such as Chékhov, Nikita Khruschev, and others.


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