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Is located in 70 km to the North from Moscow in conservancy historical-artist area of Sergiev Posad, which represent the great interest as collection of excellent monuments of the russian culture, created in the period of XV-XVII centuries. Here is situated the monastery of Trinity and St. Sergius founded in 1337 in well-known among foreigners as “Vatican of Russia”. It is the place of religious orthodox peregrinations, to come to reverence the reliquaries of St. Sergius of Radonezh – the Saint, who founded the monastery. This saint place had been visited by all russian tsars. Actually in the territory of monastery is located the summer residence of russian Patriarch Alexei II, Academy and Seminary as schools of chorus and iconography. In the monastery live 250 monks. There is a market of artisans.


Bolshoi pr. 100, of. 616 Saint-Petersburg, Russia
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