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This summer residence of russian tsars is located on the coast of river Moscow . Its history levitates to 1380, when across Kolomenskoye passed the troops of Dmitry Donskoi, directed on the camp Kulikovo , where later conquered the victory over tartars. Here burned and grew up Peter the Great. The architect ensemble of the residence began to form in XVI century. The masterpiece of that epoch is the church of Assumption , constructed in 1532, for celebrate the birth of the future tsar Ivan the Terrible. The church of Assumption is the first russian church made of stone with the roof pyramidal. The church-campanile of Victorian Jorge (XVI), the church of the Virgin of Kasan, the tower Vodovzvodnaya – form the ensemble and are constructions of the XVII century. The collection exposes the masterpieces of russian applied arts, color wood tiles, forgings objects. The Kolomenskoye is famous by its 600 years.


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