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Kuskovo is an outstanding palace and park ensemble. In the 18th century ceremonial receptions, grand gatherings turned it into a summer country house of Pyotr Sheremetev, intended especially for receptions, smart assemblies, solemn celebrations and festivals with fireworks. Construction of a manor was carried out in the 30s - 90s of the 18th century. Its territory covers an area of more than 300 hectares, including three parks - French regular, English landscape and Zaprudny, a system of ponds and channels, small and big architectural park ensembles. Kuskovo Estate or Palace was created in full conformity with the tastes and rules of Russian nobility life and art of the 18th century. Nowadays Kuskovo Estate is official museum of Russian architecture, ceramics and sculpture. More than 20 unique monuments of architecture with genuine interiors are presented including the Dutch Palace, the Italian museum, the Grotto, the Greenhouse and others. The centrepiece of the estate is the Palace Residence. Especially interesting is the original planning and ornaments of the interior. This includes super works of Russian and European art, decorative arts and unique collections of 18th century paintings. The Museum possesses one of the largest collections of ceramics and glass from different countries dating from antiquity up to present days. In the stores of the museum we can find more than 33.000 works of Russian and foreign art including specimens of Italian majolica, Venetian, English and Russian glass; Meissen, Sevres and Oriental porcelain. The pride of "Kuskovo" is the most complete collection of Russian porcelain in the country, which represents all Russian porcelain manufacturers. Annually the museum displays from 4 to 5 temporary exhibitions. Russian and foreign performers take part in traditional summer festivals. Magnificent architectural monuments, original interiors, a beautiful park and unique collection of ceramics and glassware will create unforgettable impressions, immersing you into the world of an Old Russian estate.


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