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The Old Moscow Circus (on Tsvetnoy Boulevard) is one of the oldest circuses in . The bronze cabriolet is parked in front of the Circus, a man in a shabby jacket and funny hat stands beside it. This is the monument to Yury Nikulin, famous Russian clown, actor and director of the Circus in 1983 - 1997. Albert Salamonsky, former rider and gymnast, erected a permanent brick building for it in 1880. It soon became world famous thanks to the brilliant performances by Durovs' horses, as well as the braveness of its high-wire artists and surprising magic of the world-famous illusionists Kio. The Circus continued its performances even during World War II. The outstanding clown Karandash (literally "Pencil") mimicked fascist soldiers, and in the end of the show a real tank drove into the ring and crushed hostile pillboxes. It encouraged Russian warriors to fight the fascist invaders. Yury Nikulin used to say "humor, laughter and a simple smile help to overcome life's difficulties". So, come here and make your life - as doctors recommend - a bit longer by laughing from the heart! The contemporary building was constructed on the old site in 1989, so that now the Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard can accommodate more than 2.000 spectators. It was named in honor of Nikulin on his 75th anniversary.


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