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The mysterious atmosphere of the world of the palace owners still lingers in the interiors of the Yusupov Palace. Every little thing brings memories of great riches, major banquets and balls. The front staircase, the enchilada of living rooms, banquet rooms, and ballroom dance halls were all intended for spectacular balls, which the Northern capital was so famous for. The Yusupov Palace on the Moika remembers Russian emperors, rich ladies and gentlemen, and famous artists. The Palace had always been a centre of high society life in St. Petersburg. Yusupov’s balls had always been spectacular and full of wonders, and their contemporaries commented on them with delight and admiration.


1. 18:30 – Welcome reception
Guest reception: couples in baroque costumes, musical accompaniment (harp).

2. 18:30 – 19:40 - Palace Tour and Rasputin exposition
The tour of the main rooms created in the 1830s for the first owner of the palace, Prince Boris Nikolaevich Yusupov and his beautiful wife Zinaida Ivanovna, will allow you to enjoy the beautiful interior and heat a captivating story about the owners of the palace who rivaled the Imperial Family with their luxury and riches. You will hear about the fate of the Prince Yusupov art collection, which was rightfully known as one of the best of its kind in Europe. You will visit the Home Theater that looks like a gilded jewelry-box. You will hear a story of the women of the Yusupov clan, their love and devotion. In the rooms of the Young Princes Yusupov, the last owners of the palace, you will experience new surprises when you enter the Aladdin Cave, as Irina and Felix Yusupovs called their jewelry collection. The most mystical and mysterious story related to the Yusupov Palace is the murder of the famous Grigory Rasputin who treated heir apparent Alexey from his hemophilia and had a powerful influence on Empress Alexandra Fedorovna. The assassination was carried out in the early hours of December 17, 1916 by Prince Felix Yusupov, Grand Prince Dmitry Pavlovich, and others. You will find yourselves in the atmosphere of this tragic event when you will visit the exposition telling about the murder of Rasputin.

Special Musical Wonders are offered to guests during the tour:

- Music Room - Yussupov's mechanical organ
- Mauritanian Parlor - oriental dancing
- Tapestry Parlor - antique harmonium & cello (duet)
- Ballroom - classical aria

3. 19:40 – 20:00 – Welcome Cocktail in the Precious Room
Musical accompaniment (piano)

4. 20:00 – 20:30 – Concert in the Yusupov Theatre
Classical Gala-Concert: ballet miniatures (15 minutes) and vocal turns with piano accompaniment (15 minutes) by the soloists of the St. Petersburg Conservatory and The Maly Opera Theatre.

5. 20:00 – 24:00 – Dinner in the Banquette Hall
Musical accompaniment – classical chamber choir (6 participants)

6. 24.00 – Fireworks on the Parade Court


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