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The Hermitage is one of the most significant museums of the world. There is a great number of masterpieces of art, having a very high value in the whole world. The Hermitage is based in the five buildings on the right coast of Neva river. The collection of the museum was created due to the order of empress Ekaterina II the Great in 1764. The displays are distributed on 6 important parts and occupy almost 400 halls. The museum contains more than 3 million masterpieces dated from prehistoric till modern periods. In its halls we can admire the masterpieces of Leonardo da Vinci, Rafael, Tiziano, Rembrandt, P.P.Rubens, A. Van Dyck, El Greco, N.Poussin, V.Van Gogh, P.Gauguin, P.Picasso, A.Matisse, etc. To see the whole collection you have to pass 15 years walking in museum during 8 hours a day and admire each masterpiece 1 minute at least.


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